Photo by Padraic O'Meara


Edward P. Davee is an award winning writer/director whose films have screened in several film festivals and art galleries around the world. His first feature, How the Fire Fell won “Best Feature Film” at the Seattle Film Forum’s Local Sightings Film Festival and was distributed by FilmBuff. In 2012, Davee won the Oregon Media Arts Fellowship as well as additional grants from the Oregon Arts Commission and the Regional Arts and Culture Council. The proposal for his 2nd feature film, Lost Division, won him the annual RACC Innovation award as well. Davee’s films are quiet, unconventional, atmospheric character studies, commonly marked by subtle, low-dialog story telling with dense, dream-like sounds and imagery. Often, the atmosphere surrounding the events in his films are an important component of the story telling. 


"Director Edward P. Davee has debuted with a strong first effort that’s a breath of fresh say he marches to the beat of his own drum doesn’t begin to explain it; Davee appears to have thrown out the drumsticks." - Indiewire


Select Screenings

Reed College (Portland), Full Frame Documentary Film Festival (Durham, NC), Kansas City Filmmakers’ Jubilee (K.C. MO), International Short Film Festival Hamburg (Hamburg Germany), Evora International Short Film Festival ( Evora Portugal), N.W. Film and Video Festival (Portland), PDX Documentary and Experimental Film Festival (Portland), Cornell University (Ithaca, NY) , Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival (Ithaca, NY) , Fugitive Art Center (Nashville, TN), Durango Film Festival (Durango, CO), Fugitive Arts 60 second film invitational world tour, Dissecting Portland world tour (Curated by Portland Artist Melody Owen), Hollywood Theatre (Portland, 2 separate screenings), Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival (Portland), Bijou Cinemas (Eugene, OR), Pickford Film Center (Bellingham, WA), Majestic Theatre (Corvallis, OR), NW Film Forum (week long Theatrical run, Seattle, WA), Darkside Cinemas (3 week theatrical run, Corvallis, OR), Boathouse Micro Cinema, Clinton Street Theater, Nashville Film Festival (Nashville, TN)


E.P. Davee Filmography


2018. Lost Division. Writer, director, editor. Super-16mm. Narrative. 75 min.


2015. Heather Woods Broderick music video. Cinematographer. Directed by Jeff Rowles. Super-16mm. 


2014. Muscle and Marrow music video. Director, editor, camera. digital.


2012. Tu Fawning music video. Director, editor. Super-16mm and digital.


2010. How the Fire Fell. Writer, director, editor. Super-16mm. Narrative. 91 min.


2008. Below. Director, editor, video. experimental. 8 min.


2007. LeavesDream, and Bee’s. Director, editor, video/pixelvision. Commissioned experimental works. One minute each.


2005. RooftopService Corridor, and Tunnel, . Director, editor, video/pixelvision. Commissioned experimental works. One minute each.


2005. Tom Heinl music video. Director, editor, cinematographer. Super-16mm.


2003. Crowfilm. Director, editor, camera. Digital, 16mm, hand-processed super-8mm. 20 min.


2002. Brainthought #1. Director, co-writer, cinematographer, editor. 16mm. experimental short. 5 min.


2000. Factoria, Oregon. Writer. Feature length screenplay. 


1997. Seven. Director, writer, cinematographer, editor. 16mm, super-8mm. Experimental narrative short. 12 min.


1997. Happy Raccoon. Director, cinematographer, editor. 16mm. Experimental short. 5 min. 


1995. Billy Jack music video. Director, cinematographer, editor. Video, Super-8mm. 


1994. Total Stranger. Director, co-writer, cinematographer, editor, negative conformer, sound designer. 16mm. 12 min.


1993. Blind Lemon Pledge music video. Director, camera, editor. Video. 


1991. Worker. Director, writer, editor, 16mm. Experimental short. 3 min. 


1989. Dogman’s Dream, and the Laughing man. co-writer, co-director, co-cinematographer, editor. Pixel-vision. Experimental silent films.


Annajane - A short story by Portland author Peter Rock "provoked" by Crowfilm and featuring a strangely familiar character named "Edmund".